Minilyrics 7.6

It finds and downloads the lyrics of your favorite music tracks
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Minilyrics works like a karaoke application. This tool has an ability to find and download the lyrics of your favorite music tracks.
It is a plug-in compatible with various multimedia players such as Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, MediaMonkey, VLC Media Player, Zune, and many more. Once you press the Play button in your music player, this small program automatically connects to the Internet and starts looking for the lyrics for your song. To my surprise, I didn't wait much for the lyrics to be displayed. However, if the automatic search doesn't lead you to a needed result, you can enable an advanced search. The app provides an engine that will help you find more lyric files for the same track. At this step, you need to select manually the file you consider the most suitable for the playing song.

Another great feature of this program relates to editing lyrics. Thus, you can increase or decrease the font size of the rolling text, select another color for the highlighting lyrics, or change the whole skin. What's more, if the text is not synchronized with the voice of the artist, you have an ability to adjust the timeline settings.

In conclusion, this is a good working application for karaoke parties. It supports many audio players and the saved lyric files are compatible with iPod or iPhone. However, I would have liked an option to cut the artist's voice and keep only the background music.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Supports various multimedia players
  • The lyric files are editable
  • Synchronization between lyric lines and the artist's voice


  • No option to cut the artist's voice
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